(2001, cd, usa, ukef records ikef02)
(2001, picture disc, usa, ikef02)
side a
(2001, picture disc, usa, ikef02)
side b

sun ra / henry dumas

the ark and the ankh

2001 cd usa ikef records ikef02

    (2002, picture disc, usa, ikef02)

possibly recorded at slug's saloon, new york, new york in 1966

sun ra: spoken vocals, keyboards
henry dumas: spoken vocals

  1. looking ahead visionarywise

  2. whole goal of humanity is to destroy itself, the

  3. election day

  4. somewhere else

  5. the next act is the finale

  6. the musicians really don't know the extent of what i'm doing

  7. the confused plane / the enlightened plane

  8. the problem with the black man

  9. blocked and blocked and blocked

  10. negro / necro / crow

  11. black arts

  12. malcolm x

  13. intuitive spirituality

  14. painting pictures of another plane of existence

  15. you might say i'm a force of nature

  16. the africans now are in a state of turmoil

  17. the name of the being