sun ra

in some far place - roma '77

2016 2lp+2cd ger strut/art yard strut122lp

record store day release

recorded live in rome, 1977

sun ra: piano, organ, sythesizer, vocals
luqman ali: drums
thomas thaddeus: vocals

side one

  1. introduction
  2. untitled 1
  3. spontaneous simplicity
  4. space is the place

side two

  1. outer spaceways incorporated
  2. untitled 2
  3. trying to put the blame on me
  4. sometimes i feel like a motherless child

side three

  1. how am i to know?
  2. i cover the waterfront
  3. love in outer space
  4. calling planet earth

side four

  1. st louis blues
  2. ladybird / half nelson
  3. willow weep for me
  4. take the 'a' train