(1971, lp, france, mps records mps 15047)
(2003, cd, italy, universe uv 070)
(2014, cd, ger, mps) - slipcase

sun ra and his infinity research arkestra

it's after the end of the world - live at the donaueschingen and berlin festivals

1971 lp fr mps records  mps 15047

    (2003, cd, italy, universe uv 070) - cardboard cover
    (2014, cd, ger, mps) - cd in slipcase

1970 live recording in donaueschingen

sun ra and his infinity research arkestra

produced by joachim berendt

sun ra: keyboards, vocals
kwame hadi: trumpet
akh tal ebah: trumpet
augustus browning: horn
john gilmore: sax, percussion
pat patrick: sax, flute, clarinet
marshall allen: sax, flute, oboe, piccolo
danny davis: sax, flute, clarinet
danny ray thompson: sax, flute
absholom ben shlomo: sax, flute, clarinet
eloe omoe: bass clarinet, bassoon, oboe
robert cummings: bass clarinet
alan silva: violin, cello, bass
alejandro blake fearon: bass
lex humphries: drums, percussion
nimrod hunt: drums, percussion
james jacson: percussion, flute, oboe
roger hazoum: percussion
math samba: percussion
ife tayo: percussion
june tyson: vocals

side one

  1. a. strange dreams - strange worlds - black myth   14'40
    b. it's after the end of the world      (s.ra)

  2. a. black forest myth   9'15
    b. friendly galaxy no. 2      (s.ra)

side two

  1. watusi, egyptian march   2'48   (s.ra)

  2. a. myth versus reality (part 1 - the myth˝science approach)
    b. angelic proclamation   2'40      (s.ra)
    c. out in space (part 2)   15'42   (s.ra)

  3. journey through the outer darkness (part 1 - duos)   4'42   (s.ra)