sun ra with symphony orchestra


1993 2cd uk leo records cd lr 210/211

recorded live in paris, 27 october, 1990

sun ra & his arkestra
  india cooke: violin
  stephen killion: cello
  elson dos santos: percussion
  michael ray: trumpet
  tyrone hill: trombone
  clifford barbaro: drums
  charles davis: baritone saxophone
  noel scott: tenor saxophone
  john orr: bass
  earl c.smith: drums
  jothan callins: trumpet
  t.singh: tabla
  john gilmore: tenor saxophone
  marshall allen: alto saxophone
  james jackson: oboe, drums
  june tyson: violin, voice
  le sony'r ra: piano, synth
the symphony orchestra

all compositions by sun ra, except where noted

disc one

  1. pleiades
  2. mythic 1
  3. friendly galaxy

disc two

  1. sun procession
  2. lights on a satellite
  3. love in outer space
  4. planet earth day
  5. mythic 2
  6. blue lou  (e.sampson, i.mills)
  7. prelude in a major  -  op.28, n.7  (chopin)