(1996, 2cd, uk, leo records lr 235 / 236)

sun ra arkestra & his intergalaxtic arkestra

stardust from tomorrow

1996 2cd uk leo records lr235 / 236

recorded live at the jazzatelier, ulrichsberg, austria, april 29, 1989

sun ra: piano, synthesizer, voice
june tyson: violin, voice
marshall allen: alto sax, clarinet, flute
eloe omoe: alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
noel scott: alto scott, flute
james jackson: bassoon, oboe, voice
michael ray: trumpet, voice
tyrone hill: trombone
julian priester: trombone
bruce edwards: electric guitar
arthur joonie booth: electric bass
nelson nascimento santos: surdo, percussion
earl 'buster' smith: drums
ensemble: percussion

produced by leo feigin

disc one

  1. mystery intro  (sun ra)
  2. untitled I  (sun ra)
  3. blue lou  (samson, mills)
  4. prelude in a major, op.28 n.7  (chopin)
  5. untitled II  (sun ra)

disc two

  1. discipline 27 / i'll wait for you / angle race  (sun ra)
  2. queer notions  (hawkins)
  3. back alley blues  (sun ra)
  4. prelude to a kiss  (ellington)
  5. stardust from tomorrow  (sun ra)
  6. yeah man!  (sissle, henderson)
  7. we travel the spaceways / space chants medley: outer spaceways incorporated / rocket no.9, take off for the planet venus / second stop is jupiter / pluto / saturn rings  (sun ra)