(2008, cd, uk, leo records- golden years gy 29)
(2010, lp, italy, vinyl lovers)

sun ra

live in cleveland

2008 cd uk leo records - golden years of new jazz gy 29

    (2010, lp, italy, vinyl lovers) - re-titled "united world in outer space" - it has alternate artwork and is only one album / 180 g vinyl

recorded live in cleveland, january 30, 1975

sun ra: piano, organ, moog
akh tal ebah: trumpet
kwame hadi: trumpet
john gilmore: tenor sax
marshall allen: alto sax, flute
danny davis: alto sax, flute
eloe omoe: bass clarinet, flute
james jacson: bassoon, flute, infinity drum
damon choice: vibraphone
dale williams: electric bass
atakatune: conga
odun: conga
june tyson: vocal, dance
eddie thomas: vocal, dance
all: vocal, handclapping

produced by leo feigin

  1. astro nation (of the united world in outer space)  (ra)

  2. enlightenment  (ra)

  3. love in outer space  (ra)

  4. theme of the stargazers - the satellistes are spinning  (ra)

  5. friendly galaxy 2  - i am the brother of the wind  - i, pharaoh  (ra)

  6. synthesizer solo  (ra)

  7. sophisticated lady  (d.ellington)