sun ra & his arkestra

a quiet place in the universe

1994 cd uk leo records lr 198

recorded live 1976 - 1977

sun ra: organ, synthesizer, vocals
ahmed abdullah: trumpet
akh tal ebah: trumpet, vocals
vincent chancey: french horn
craig harris: trombone
marshall allen: alto saxophone, piccolo
pat patrick: alto saxophone
john gilmore, tenor saxophone
elo omoe: bass clarinet, flute
james jackson: ancient egyptian infinity drum, bassoon, flute
danny thompson: bass saxophone, flute
luqman ali: drums
atakatune: conga
eddie thomas: percussion
june tyson: vocals

produced by leo feigin

tracks 3 - 6 have been previously released on "a night in east berlin"

  1. a quiet place in the universe  (sun ra)
  2. i pharaoh  (sun ra)
  3. images  (sun ra)
  4. love i nouter space  (sun ra)
  5. i'll never be the same  (malneck, signorelli, kahn)
  6. space is the place  (sun ra)