sun ra arkestra

live in nickelsdorf 1984

2014 3cd austria trost 118

also issued as a 4 lp box

live at jazzgalerie nickelsdorf, austria on march 11th, 1984

sun ra: piano, synth, vocals
john gilmore: tenor saxophone, clarinet, evi, vocals
marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute, kora, percussion
danny ray thompson: baritone saxophone, flute, percussion
eloe omoe (leroy taylor): alto saxophone, bass clarinet, percussion
james jackson: basoon, flute, drums, vocals
ronnie brown: trumpet
rollo radford: standup bass
don mumford: drums
matthew brown: congas, dance
myriam broche: dance
greg pratt: dance


disc one

  1. untitled improvisation
  2. discipline 27-II / children of the sun
  3. nuclear war
  4. unidentified blues
  5. sophisticated lady
  6. east of the sun
  7. springtime again
  8. yeah man!
  9. mack the knife
  10. day dream

disc two

  1. love in outer space
  2. space is the place / we travel the spaceways / no news is good news / outer spaceways incorporated / closing announcements 1s set
  3. space infinity drum intro 2nd set
  4. pleiades
  5. untitled improvisation part 1
  6. untitled improvisation part 2
  7. untitled improvisation part 3
  8. unidentified piano solo
  9. 'round midnight
  10. unidentified blues
  11. happy as the day is long
  12. carefree

disc three

  1. big john's special
  2. days of wine and roses
  3. what's new?
  4. fate in a pleasant mood
  5. fate in a pleasant mood part 2
  6. retrospect
  7. enlightenment / strange mathematics / rhythmic equations