sun ra arkestra

live in ulm 1992

2014 2cd uk leo records gy 30/31

recorded live in ulm, germany, 1992

ahmed abdullah: trumpet, voice
michael ray: trumpet, voice
tyrone hill: trombone
marshall allen: alto sax, flute
james jacson: bassoon, flute, oboe, drums
sun ra: piano
bruce edwards: electric guitar
jothan callins: electric bass
buster smith: drums
elson nascimento dos santos: percussion
atakatune: conga

produced by leo feigin

all compositions by sun ra, except where noted

disc one

  1. ankhnaton
  2. the mayan temples
  3. el is a sound of joy
  4. fate in a pleasant mood
  5. hocus pocus (hudson)
  6. love in outer space
  7. nameless one no.2
  8. prelude to a kiss
  9. theme of the stargazers

disc two

  1. unidentified
  2. lights on a satellite
  3. the shadow world
  4. space is the place / we travel the spaceways / out spaceways incorporated
  5. they'll come back
  6. destination unknown
  7. calling planet earth
  8. the forest of no return (bruns, leven)