sun ra

live at the storyville in nyc - 29th october 1977

2011 lp italy b13 - bb presents b136

side one of this album got previously released on the 1978 "unity" album

500 copies in total, all on red vinyl
the vinyl is housed in a transparant plastic sleeve, with blue lettering

1977/10/29 concert 'storyville', nyc, usa

danny davis: alto saxophone, flute
marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute
danny ray thompson : baritone saxophone, flute
richard williams: bass
eloe omoe: bass clarinet, flute
luqman ali: drums
edward skinner: drums
thomas hunter: drums
vincent chancey: flugelhorn
james jacson: flute, percussion
emmett mcdonald: horn (bass)
sun ra: organ, keyboards (rocksichord)
atakatune: percussion
john gilmore: percussion
eddie thomas: percussion, vocals
charles stephens: trombone
craig harris: trombone
ahmed abdullah: trumpet
michael ray: trumpet
akh tal ebah: trumpet, vocals
june tyson: vocals

side one

  1. lady bird/half nelson  (davis, dameron)  8:41

  2. halloween in harlem  (sun ra)  6:08

  3. my favorite things  (rodgers/hammerstein)  6:09

  4. enlight(en)ment  (dotson, ra)

side two

  1. the satellites  (sun ra)  7:18

  2. rose room  (hickman, williams)  9:28

  3. variety studio improvisation  (sun ra)  7:06