sun ra arkestra

live in winston, salem, nc; june 1990

2015 lp italy sinner lady jada

released in a limited edition of 75 copies

1990 live recording

sun ra: keyboards, vocals
michael ray: trumpet, vocals
ahmed abdullah: trumpet
jothan callins: trumpet
tyrone hill: trombone
john gilmore: sax, percussion
marshall allen: sax, flute, percussion
noel scott: sax, percussion
earl "buster" smith: drums, vocals
clifford barbaro: drums
james jacson: percussion, bassoon, flute
elson nascimento: percussion
jorge da silva: percussion
ronald mcbee: percussion
june tyson: vocals

produced by sun ra

side one

  1. lost horizon   (s.ra)
  2. untitled   (s.ra)

side two

  1. sunset on the nile   (s.ra)