(1998, cd, uk, leo records cd lr 154)

sun ra & his arkestra

love in outer space - live in utrecht

1988 lp uk leo records lr l54

also released as
    (1998, cd, uk, leo records cd lr 154)

1983/12/11 concert utrecht, the netherlands

sun ra: piano, keyboards, vocals
michael ray: trumpet
ronnie brown: trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion
tyrone hill: trombone
marshall allen: alto sax, flute
john gilmore: tenor sax, clarinet, vocals
eloe omoe: alto sax, bass clarinet, contra-alto clarinet
james jacson: bassoon, flute, ancient egyptian infinity drum
thompson: bassoon, flute
poss. wilbur little: bass
poss. don mumford: drums, percussion
poss. matthew brown: conga
june tyson: vocals

produced by leo feigin

side a

  1. d. 27 (discipline 27) (ra) (6:00)

  2. 'round midnight (hanighen-monk-williams) (8:40)

  3. fate in a pleasant mood (ra) (10:50)

side b

  1. blues ra (ra) (4:45)

  2. love in outer space/space is the place (ra) (19:50)

cd bonus tracks