sun ra & his intergalactic research arkestra

black myth / out in space

1998 2cd ger motor music 567 656-2

[1] recorded live at the donaueschingen musik festival, stadthalle, october 17, 1970

[2] recorded live at the berlin jazz festival, kongresshalle, november 7, 1970

parts of this album were previously released on "black forest myth" (1971) and "it's after the end of the world" (1971)

sun ra: clavinet, synthesizer, keyboards, organ, voice
john gilmore: tenor saxophone, percussion, vocals
marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute, piccolo flute, oboe, percussion
pat (laurdine) patrick: baritone, alto & tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, percussion
danny davis: alto saxophone, flute, clarinet
danny thompson: baritone & alto saxophone, bassoon, flute
eloe omoe (leroy taylor): oboe, bass clarinet, bassoon
robert cummings: bass clarinet
james jackson: oboe, flute, percussion, drums
absholom ben shlomo (virgil c.pumphrey): alto saxophone, clarinet, flute, percussion
kwame hadi (lamont f.mcclamb): trumpet
akh tal ebah (douglas e.williams): trumpet, mellophone
robert northern: french horn
al batin nur (augustus browning): english horn
alan silva: violin, viola, cello, bass
alejandro blake fearon (alex blake): bass
lex humphries: drums, percussion
rashid salim IV (william brister): drums, congas
nimrod hunt (carl s.malone): percussion, handdrums, percussion
june tyson: vocals, dance
ife tayo (gloristeena knight): percussion, dance
roger aralamon hazoumé: dance, african percussion, balafone, fire eating
math samba: dance, african percussion
richard wilkinson: stereo light-sound coordination

produced by fabian kerner
original sessions produced by joachim ernst berendt (tracks: 1-1, 1-2, 1-4, 2-5, 2-6)

cd one - black myth  [1]

  1. black forest myth  (sun ra)

  2. friendly galaxy no. 2  (sun ra)

  3. journey through the outer darkness  (sun ra)

  4. strange worlds - black myth - it's after the end of the world  (sun ra)

  5. we'll wait for you  (sun ra)

disc two - out in space  [2]

  1. out in space  (sun ra)

  2. discipline series  (sun ra)

  3. walkin' on the moon...  (sun ra)

  4. outer space where i come from (recitation)  (sun ra)

  5. watusa  (sun ra, andre pitts , terri vanne sherrill)

  6. myth versus reality  (sun ra)

  7. theme of the stargazers  (sun ra)

  8. space chants medley (second stop is jupiter - why go to the moon - neptun - mercury - venus - mars - jupiter - saturn - uranus - pluto)  (sun ra)

  9. we travel the spaceways  (sun ra)