sun ra and his arkestra

music from tomorrow's world

2002 cd usa atavistic records

recorded live at wonder inn and majestic hall, chicago, illinois in 1960.

sun ra: piano, electric piano, percussion
ricky murray: vocals
marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute
gene easton: alto saxophone
john gilmore: tenor saxophone
ronald wilson: baritone saxophone
george hudson: trumpet
phil cohran: cornet
ronnie boykins: bass
jon l. hardy: drums
robert barry: drums

produced by john corbett

  1. angels & demons at play

  2. spontaneous simplicity

  3. space aura

  4. s'wonderful

  5. it ain't necessarily so

  6. how high the moon

  7. china gate

  8. majestic 1

  9. ankhnaton

  10. possession

  11. tapestry from an asteroid

  12. majestic 2

  13. majestic 3

  14. majestic 4

  15. velvet

  16. a call for demons

  17. interstellar lo-ways