(1992, cd, usa, evidence 22040-2)

sun ra and his astro infinity arkestra

my brother the wind volume II

1970 lp usa  

    (1992, cd, usa, evidence 22040-2)
(2010, lp, usa, saturn 523hlp) - reissue on 180 g vinyl
    (2014, lp, usa, saturn 523hlp) - reissue on 180 g vinyl

sun ra: intergalactic organ, moog synthesizer
kwame hadi: trumpet
ahktal ebah: trumpet
marshall allen: alto sax, oboe, flute
danny davis: alto sax, alto clarinet, flute
john gilmore: tenor sax, percussion
danny thompson: baritone sax, flute
pat patrick: baritone sax, flute
james jackson: oboe, percussion
alejandro blake: bass
cliffored jarvis: drums
les humphries: drums
nimrod hunt: hand drums
william brister: percussion
robert cummings: percussion

compositions and arrangements by sun ra

  1. otherness blue
  2. somebody else's world
  3. pleasant twilight
  4. walking on the moon
  5. somewhere else
  6. contrast
  7. the wind speaks
  8. sun thoughts
  9. journey to the stars
  10. wolrd of the myth "I"
  11. the design - cosmos II