sun ra and his intergalactic arkestra

outer space employment agency

1999 cd usa alive! total energy records ner3021

recorded live at the ann arbor blues & jazz festival 1973

sun ra: farfisa organ, mini-moog, vocals
kwame hadi: trumpet
akh tal ebah: trumpet, mellophone, vocals
marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute
danny davis: alto saxophone, flute
john gilmore: tenor saxophone, percussion
eloe omoe: bass clarinet, flute
danny thompson: baritone saxophone, flute
ronnie boykins: bass
tommy hunter: drums
lex humphries: drums
vic morrison: drums
alzo wright: percussion
atakatune: congas
odun: congas
june tyson: vocals

produced by john sinclair

  1. discipline 99
  2. love in outer space
  3. watusa / discipline 27-II
  4. at first there was nothing / the universe has more to offer you / wake up angels / outer space employment agency