sun ra and his arkestra

the sub-dwellers

2010 lp usa norton records 366

(rare sun ra space poetry vol.2)


  1. the sub-dwellers
  2. the music is a universal language
  3. when the word was spoken
  4. the past is a dream
  5. the world comes to an end
  6. pretense desires
  7. the universe is endless
  8. what are words?
  9. there is music everywhere
  10. all men are equal
  11. we must not say no to ourselves
  12. they taught me to share
  13. the worship of a statue
  14. this planet of death
  15. a cosmic dimension of music
  16. if you are not a myth
  17. i speak of everything
  18. the truth about planet earth
  19. the universe sent me