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sun ra

the futuristic sounds of sun ra - on planet earth 1914 - 2014

2014 2cd eu not now music not2cd545

 = "the futuristic sounds of sun ra" + "super-sonic jazz"

disc one "the futuristic sounds of sun ra"

1961/10/10 sun ra & the solar / myth-science / astro-infinity orchestra - concert new jersey
sun ra: piano * john gilmore: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, bells * marshall allen: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute bells * pat patrick: baritone saxophone, bells * bernard mckinney: euphonium, trombone, bells * ronald boykins: bass, bells * willie jones: drums, percussion * leah anada: conga  

  1. bassism 

  2. of sounds and something else 

  3. what's that? 

  4. where is tomorrow? 

  5. the beginning 

  6. china gates 

  7. new day

  8. tapestry from an asteroid

  9. jet flight

  10. looking outward

  11. space jazz reverie

disc two "super-sonic jazz"

recorded in 1956

john gilmore: tenor sax * william cochran: drums * pat patrick: alto and baritone sax * victor sproles: bas * charles davis: baritone sax * art hoyle: trumpet * james scales: alto sax * julian priester: trombone * jim herndon: tympani and timbali * le sun ra: piano * robert barry: drums * wilburn green: electronic bass

produced by ihnfinity inc and alton abraham

  1. india  (sun ra)

  2. sunology  (sun ra)

  3. advice to medics  (sun ra)

  4. super blonde  (sun ra)

  5. soft talk  (julian priester)

  6. sunology part II  (sun ra)

  7. kingdom of not  (sun ra)

  8. portrait of the living sky  (sun ra)

  9. blues at midnight  (sun ra)

  10. el is a sound of joy  (sun ra)

  11. springtime in chicago  (sun ra)

  12. medicine for a nightmare  (sun ra)