(1978, lp, italy, horo records)
(2011, 3lp, italy, klimt) 3 lp box

sun ra quartet

other voices, other blues

1978 lp italy horo records

    (2011, 3lp, italy, klimt mjj 316lp / k20938 - 60611) as "the mystery of being" = "new steps" + "other voices, other blues"


recorded on 1978/01/02 and 07 in rome, italy

sun ra: piano, organ, moog synth, rhythm machine, vocals
john gilmore: tenor sax, drums, vocals
michael ray: trumpet, vocals
luqman ali: drums, vocals

  1. sun, sky & wind
  2. springtime & summer idyll
  3. constellation
  4. one dy in rome
  5. bridge on the night dimension
  6. along the tiber
  7. rebellion
  8. the mystery of being