the sun ra arkestra
under the direction of marshall allen

live at the paradox

announced cd ger in & out

recorded live on sept. 20, 2008 at 'paradox' in tilburg, the netherlands

marshall allen: as, evi, cl, fl, voc, director
yah yah abdul-majid: ts, voc, perc
knoel scott as, voc, perc
raynold scott: bars, fl, voc, perc
fred adams: tp, voc, perc
dave davis: tb, fh, voc, perc
farid barron: piano, keyb
dave hotep: guitar
elson nascimento: surdo grande, perc
wayne anthony smith jr.: drums

  1. space walk (12:37)

  2. discipline 27-b / i'll wait for you (9:47)

  3. dreams come true (7:57)

  4. velvet (7:22)

  5. you'll find me (7:44)

  6. millenium (7:21)

  7. take off (3:47)

  8. hocus pocus (3:56)

  9. space idol (6:14)