sun ra arkestra

purple night

1990 cd germany a&m 395 324-2

recorded and mixed november 1989 at bmg studios, nyc

sun ra: piano, voice, synthesizer
don cherry: pocket trumpet
june tyson: violin, voice
fred adams: trumpet
michael ray: trumpet, voice
ahmed abdullah: trumpet
jothan collins: trumpet
al evans: trumpet, flugelhorn
tyrone hill: trombone
julian priester: trombone
reynold scott: baritone saxophone, flute
james spaulding: alto saxophone, flute
marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute, percussion
john gilmore: tenor saxophone, percussion, voice
james jackson: bassoon, african drum
earl c. 'buster' smith: drums
eric 'samarai' walker: drums
thomas 'bugs' henderson: drums
elson nascimneto: surdo, percussion
jorge sivla: repinique, percussion
rollo radford: electric bass
john ore: acoustic bass

produced by john snyder

  1. journey towards stars  (sun ra)
  2. friendly galaxy  (sun ra)
  3. love in outer space  (sun ra)
  4. stars fell on alabama  (mitchell parrish, frank perkins)
  5. of invisible them  (sun ra)
  6. neverness  (sun ra)
  7. purple night blues  (sun ra)