sun ra arkestra

live at the red garter

2013 3cd usa transparency 0319

live in nyc, early july 1970

sun ra: farfisa organ, mini-moog synthesizr, rocksichord, vocals
kwame hadi: trumpet, percussion
akh tal ebah: trumpet, percussion
marshall allen: alto sax, flute,percussion
danny davis: alto sax, alto clarinet, flute, percussion
john gilmore: tenor sax, percussion
pat patrick: baritone sax,percussion
danny ray thompson: baritone sax, flute, percussion
eloe omoe: bass clarinet, percussion
alan silva: cello
alex blake: bass
william brister: drums
lex humphries: drums
unidentified: percussion

disc one

  1. untitled improvisation  (sun ra)
  2. somewhere else  (sun ra)
  3. untitled improvisation  (sun ra)
  4. sometimes i'm happy (vincent youmans & irving caesar)

disc two

  1. pleasant twilight - unidentified title  (sun ra)
  2. love in outer space  (sun ra)
  3. unidentified title  (sun ra)
  4. ladies and gentlemules  (sun ra)

disc three = 82 photos by santa lee