sun ra & his arkestra

montreux 1976

1976 lp usa saturn ms 87976

also includes material from the "live at montreux" 2 lp album

recorded live at the montreux jazz festival, 1976

sun ra: keyboards, vocals
al evans: flugelhorn
chris capers: trumpet
ahmed abdullah: trumpet
craig harris: trombone
victor chancey: horn
john gilmore: sax, percussion, vocals
pat patrick: sax, flute
marshall allen: sax, oboe, flute, vocals
danny davis: sax, flute
danny ray thompson: sax, flute
reggie hudgins: sax
eloe omoe: bass clarinet
tony bunn: bass
hayes burnett: bass
clifford jarvis: drums, percussion
larry bright: drums
james jacson: percussion, bassoon, vocals
atakatune: percussion
june tyson: vocals

produced by sun ra

side one

  1. for those who wait for the sunrise   (s.ra)

side two

  1. the other tomorrow   (s.ra)
  2. land of the drum   (s.ra)
  3. out of where others dwell   (s.ra)
  4. on a satellite   (s.ra)