(1964, lp, usa, saturn)
(2008, cd, usa, atavistic alp 266cd)

(2008, cd, usa, atavistic alp 266cd)

sun ra and his solar arkestra

secrets of the sun

1964 lp usa saturn

    (2008, cd, usa, atavistic alp 266cd) - with one bonus track, = b-side of unreleased saturn 547 (**)
    (2014, lp, usa, saturn) - 180 g vinyl


sun ra: piano, harp, gong
marshall allen: morrow, flute, percussion
john gilmore: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, space drums, percussion, voice
al evans: flugelhorn
calvin newborn: guitar
pat patrick: baritone saxophone, spacedrums, bongo
ronnie boykins: bass
jimmy johnson: percussion
tommy hunter: percussion, reverb
c. scoby stroman: drums

all compositions by sun ra 

  1. friendly galaxy

  2. solar differentials

  3. space aura

  4. love in outer space

  5. reflects motion

  6. solar symbols

  7. flight to mars   (**)