(1968, lp, usa, delmark ds-414)

(1994, cd, usa, delmark ds-414)

sun ra and the arkestra

sound of joy

1968 lp usa delmark ds-414

    (1994, cd, usa, delmark ds-414) - incl. 2 bonus tracks

studio recording - late 1956
(not released until 1968, and several tracks had appeared already on "visits planet earth")

sun ra: piano, wurlitzer electric piano
art hoyle: trumpet
dave young: trumpet
julian priester: trombone
pat patrick: alto saxophone, bass saxophone
john gilmore: tenor saxophone
charles davis: bass saxophone
victor sproles: bass
william cochran: drums
jim herndon: tympani
clyde williams: vocals (on the two bonus tracks)

side one

  1. al is a sound of joy  (ra)

  2. overtones of china  (ra)

  3. two tones  (patrick - davis)

  4. paradise  (ra)

  5. planet earth  (ra)

side two

  1. ankh  (ra)

  2. saturn  (ra)

  3. reflections in blue  (ra)

  4. al viktor  (ra)

the cd bonus tracks

  1. as you once were

  2. dreams come true