sun ra and his band from outer space

space aura

2013 10" uk art yard 10/001

recorded - may 1966 at university of buffalo

sun ra: piano, clavioline
john gilmore: tenor saxophone, percussion
marshall allen: alto saxophone, oboe, flute, piccolo, percussion
pat patrick: baritone saxophone, flute, percussion
robert cummings: bass clarinet
teddy nance: trombone
ali hassan: trombone
clifford jarvis: drums
ronnie boykins: bass
james jacson: log drums, flute, percussion
carl nimrod malone: sun horn, gong, percussion

photograph of sun ra, 14th december 1968 berkeley california (c) baron wolman

produced for art yard by peter dennett

compositions and arrangements by sun ra

side one

  1. solo piano introduction

  2. space aura

side two

  1. song of the sparer

  2. exotic forest