sun ra and his mythic science arkestra

the paris tapes

2010 2cd uk art yard / kindred spirits

    (2010, lp, uk, art yard / kindred spirits) = only 3 tracks
    (2015, lp, uk, art yard / kindred spirits) = only 3 tracks, reissue of the 2010 album

live at le theâtre du châtelet, 1971

sun ra: organ, synthesizer, piano, vocal
kwame hadi: trumpet, percussion
ahk tal ebah: trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal
marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute, oboe, percussion
danny davis: alto saxophone, flute, percussion
larry northington: alto saxophone, percussion
istar sundance: alto saxophone
john gilmore: tenor saxophone, drums, percussion, vocal
danny thompson: baritone saxophone, flute, percussion
pat patrick: baritone saxopone, flute, electric bass, percussion
hakim rhim: baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, flute
al batin nur (augustus browning): english horn
eloe omoe: bass clarinet, percussion
james jacson: flute, oboe, infinity drums
clifford jarvis: drums
lex humphries: drums
tommy hunter: drums, alto saxophone
nimrod hunt: percussion
roger aralamon hazoumé: balafon, dance
june tyson: vocal
malik ramadan: vocal, tampani
art jenkins: vocal, percussion
wisteria el moondew (judith holton): dance
cheryl banks: dance
kevin massey: dance
kenneth alexander: dance
richard wilkinson: lightshow

disc one

  1. introduction

  2. discipline 27

  3. untitled solo

  4. love in outer space - part 1

  5. love in outer space - part 2

  6. third planet

  7. somebody else's idea

  8. watusi  

disc two

  1. space is the place

  2. angels and demons at play

  3. untitled keyboards

  4. discipline number unknown

  5. untitled synthesizer solo