sun ra arkestra

myron's ballroom - audio series volume one

2006 3cd usa transparancy 0236

live at 'myron's ballroom', los angeles, ca, usa, 1981/04/02

eloe omoe: alto saxophone, bass clarinet, contra-alto clarinet, percussion
marshall allen: alto saxophone, flute, oboe, kora, percussion, electronic valve instrument (evi)
kenny williams: baritone saxophone
danny ray thompson:
baritone saxophone, flute, electronic valve instrument (evi), percussion
richard 'radu' williams: bass
samarai celestial:
craig haynes:
drums, space drum
vincent chancey:
french horn
sun ra:
piano, organ, vocals
john gilmore:
tenor saxophone, electronic valve instrument (evi), clarinet, timbales, vocals
craig harris: trombone
michael ray:
trumpet, vocals
damon choice:
june tyson:

all compositions by sun ra, except where noted 

disc one

  1. sometimes the universe speaks

  2. sunology / lion of the heavens

  3. tapestry from an asteroid

  4. the outer bridge

  5. (the world is waiting) for the sunrise

  6. mystery, mr. ra

  7. discipline 27

  8. unidentified blues

  9. cocktails for two (arthur johnson, sam coslow)

  10. happy as the day is long (harold arlen, ted koehler)

  11. 'round midnight (bernie hanighen, cootie williams, thelonious monk)

  12. big john's special (horace henderson)

  13. yeah man! (fletcher henderson, noble sissle)

disc two

  1. fate in a pleasant mood

  2. the shadow world / astro black

  3. moonship journey / outerspaceways incorporated

  4. space is the place / we travel the spaceways

  5. we travel the spaceways (continued) / hit that jive, jack (john alston, skeets tolbert) / i'll wait for you

  6. watusi (andre pitts, terri vanne sherrill)

  7. enlightenment (hobart dotson, sun ra) / strange mathematics, rhythmic equations

disc three

  1. they'll come back

  2. untitled improvisation

  3. can you take it? (fletcher henderson) / blue lou (edgar sampson)

  4. lights on a satellite

  5. lady bird (tadd dameron) / half nelson (miles davis)

  6. springtime again

  7. discipline 27-II / someday soon / you're in the space age now