sun ra and his intergalactic solar research arkestra

helsinki 1971

2009 2cd + dvd usa transparancy 0314

1971 live recording

sun ra: keyboards, vocals
kwame hadi: trumpet
akh tal ebah: trumpet
john gilmore: sax, percussion
pat patrick: sax, flute, clarinet
marshall allen: sax, flute, oboe, piccolo
danny davis: sax, flute, clarinet
danny ray thompson: sax, flute
larry northington: sax, percussion
hakim rahim: sax, flute
istar sundance: sax
augustus browning: oboe
eloe omoe: bass clarinet, bassoon, oboe
tommy hunter: drums, sax
clifford jarvis: drums
lex humphries: drums, percussion
nimrod hunt: percussion
james jacson: percussion, flute, oboe
art jenkins: percussion, vocals
roger hazoumé: percussion
william morrow: percussion
malik ramadin: percussion, vocals
june tyson: vocals
cheryl banks: vocals
judith holton: vocals

produced by brian albers

disc one

  1. discipline   (s.ra)   5'15

  2. theme of the stargazers   (s.ra)   0'48

  3. discipline 8   (s.ra)   34'00

  4. love in outer space   (s.ra)   10'26

  5. watusi   (a.pitts, t.v.sherrill)   11'04

  6. enlightenment   (s.ra, h.dotson)   7'16

  7. untitled 1   (s.ra)   4'09

disc two

  1. calling planet earth   (s.ra)   5'38

  2. untitled 2   (s.ra)   4'28

  3. space is the place   (s.ra)   18'42

  4. angels and demons at play   (m.allen, r.boykins)   13'57

  5. the satellites are spinning   (s.ra)   5'46

  6. second stop is jupiter   (s.ra)   6'32

  7. somewhere else   (s.ra)   7'52

  8. to nature's god   (s.ra)   4'54
    a. sun ra and his ban from outer space      (s.ra)   5'37
    b. prepare for the journey to other worlds      (s.ra)
    c. sometimes i feel like a motherless child      (trad.)