sun ra and his solar arkestra

untitled recordings

2008 cd usa transparency 0309

[1]  1985/06/-- concert 'prospect park bandshell', brooklyn
sun ra, john gilmore, milford graves, andrew cyrille and don moye

[2]  1978/--/-- rehearsal 'the house of ra', philadelphia
sun ra, michael ray, marshall allen, danny davis, john gilmore, eloe omoe, james jacson and michael anderson

[3]  1973/--/-- rehearsal 'the house of ra', philadlephia
sun ra, wilbur ware, akh tal ebah, marshall allen, danny davis, john gilmore, eloe omoe and probably lex humphries

all compositions by sun ra, except where noted

  1. untitled  [1]

  2. opus in springtime  [1]

  3. untitled  [1]

  4. liza (gershwin, gershwin)  [2]

  5. stompin' at the savoy (webb, goodman, hayes)  [2]

  6. tone poem #9  [2]

  7. but not for me (gershwin, gershwin)  [2]

  8. if i could be with you (one hour tonight)  (creamer, johnson)  [2]

  9. untitled jam  [3]