the sun ra arkestra
under the direction of marshall allen

music for the 21st century

2006 dvd switzerland uncool

also available with a silk-screened cardboard cover (limited 100 copies)

live at the uncool festival in poschiavo, switzerland, 2003/05/30

marshall allen: alto sax, clarinet, flute, evi, vocals
charles davis: tenor sax
yahya abdul majid: tenor sax, percussion, flute
knoel scott: alto sax, vocals, bongos, dancer
reynold scott: baritone sax, flute
fred adams: trumpet, vocals
michael ray: trumpet, vocals
tyrone hill: trombon,e alphorn, vocals
dave davis: trombone, vocals
d.hotep: electric guitar
bill davis: acoustic bass
luqman ali: drums, percussion
elson nascimento: surdo, percussion
arnold jenkins: vocals, space voice, percussion

  1. century 21 / tomorrow's world [sun ra]

  2. light and darkness / theme for sunny ray [marshall allen]

  3. super nova [marshall allen]

  4. voices from outer space [marshall allen]

  5. pulsar [marshall allen]

  6. blue intergalactic [marshall allen]

  7. blue sun [allen / jenkins]

  8. in-b-tween / mr. mystery [allen / jenkins]

  9. reflex motion [sun ra]

  10. in-b-tween featuring alash from tuva