(1993, cd, usa, jazz door 121235)
(1993, cd, usa, rounder cd 3124)

sun ra sextet

at the village vanguard

1993 cd usa jazz door 12125

    (1993, cd, usa, rounder cd 3124) - different cover

recorded in concert at the 'village vanguard', new york, november 1991

sun ra: synth
chris anderson: piano
john gilmore: tenor sax, vocals
john ore: bass
earl c. "buster" smith: drums
bruce edwards: electric guitar

produced by john snyder

  1. round midnight (hanighen-williams-monk) (21:04)

  2. sun ra blues (ra) (16:11)

  3. autumn in new york (duke) (11:00)

  4. 'swonderful (gershwin-gershwin) (10:58)

  5. theme of the stargazers (ra) (5:31)