sun ra & his arkestra

the spirit of jazz cosmos arkestra at wuhy, 1978

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recorded at wuhy-fm studios, philadelphia, july 1978

sun ra: piano, rocksichord, vocal
john gilmore: tenor sax, clarinet, timbales
byard lancaster: alto sax, flute
marshall allen: alto sax, flute, oboe, piccolo, percussion
danny davis: alto sax, flute, percussion
danny ray thompson: baritone sax, percussion
walter miller: trumpet
michael ray: trumpet, flugelhorn
leroy taylor (eloe omoe): bass clarinet, flute, ancien infinity lightning drum
james jacson: bassoon, flute, drum
richard (radu) williams: bass violin
oscar fleming brown: bass
luqman ali: drums, percussion
ricky joyce: drums
stanley morgan (akatune): bass drum, conga, percussion
eddie thomas: percussion
michael anderson: percussion
robin eubanks: trombone
tony bethel: trombone
june tyson: vocals, dance
cheryl banks: vocals, dance


  1. invocation / tapestry for an asteroid / the world is waiting for the sunrise / when there is no sun
  2. discipline 27 (with ra interview about chaos)
  3. piano interlude
  4. lights on a satellite
  5. limehouse blues (tribute to fletcher henderson #1)
  6. christopher columbus (tribute to fletcher henderson #2)
  7. there are other worlds (the have not told you of)
  8. big john's special (tribute to fletcher henderson #3)
  9. the sound mirror (with ra interview about discipline)
  10. love in outer space (with voiceover comments & ra interview)
  11. satellites are spinning / ra interview / the shadow world
  12. space is the place / ra interview / closing credits