brett spivey

Brett Spivey is a musician and composer from Asheville, usa.

Brett Spivey also performs with André Cholmondeley as Grounded. the duo has released several album.

The both of them are part of the Wam Bam Bowie Band, a David Bowie tribute band that includes:

  • Mark Casson: vocals
  • Aaron Price: keyboard, piano
  • André Cholmondeley: guitar
  • Brett Spivey: bass
  • Jim Neu: drums

December 2012, Brett released a tribute to The Residents. Two years later, he released a second Residents tribute album.

Unidentified woman and Brett Spivey (both are in disguise)



  grounded: a clear road to everywhere
    (2012, download, usa, bandcamp) = andré cholmondeley and brett spivey
grounded_aroadtoeverywhere.jpg (41743 bytes)
  brett spivey: brett spivey does the residents doing christmas
    (2012, download, usa, bandcamp) - all compositions by the residents
  brett spivey: many happy returns
    (2014, download, usa, bandcamp) - all songs (written by snakefinger and the residents) rewritten an deranged by brett spivey
brett_spivey_manyhappyreturns.jpg (21398 bytes)





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