team zappa

zappanale 18
- all compositions by frank zappa

2007 dvdr ger private release

limited edition of 20 copies - sold at the zappanale 18 festival

recorded live at zappanale 18, 2008/08/04

jardar johansen: vocals
heidi solheim: vocals
mika martinussen: bass, vocals
tore nedgård: keyboards, arrangement
fred glesnes: saxophone
øyvind bakkeby-moe: trumpet
petter marius gundersen: trumpet
torbjørn ingvaldsen: trombone, arrangement
ole morten larsen: drums
hans petter vabog: percussion
thomas larsen: guitar

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. intro
  2. peaches en regalia
  3. band intros (stinkfoot)
  4. i'm the slime
  5. village of the sun
  6. pygmy twylyte
  7. lucille has messed my mind up
  8. dupree's paradise
  9. keep it greasey
  10. zoot allures
  11. more trouble every day
  12. let's make the water turn black
  13. harry you're a beast
  14. the orange county lumber truck
  15. oh no
  16. i have been in you
  17. the illinois enema bandit
  18. montana
  19. cosmik debris
  20. acknowledgments (sofa)
  21. german folk song
  22. zomby woof
  23. crowd noise
  24. keep it greasey (reprise)
  25. outro