ten center

ten center was formed by russ stedman and michael myers.  A short time after they recorded "snazzed outta yer drawers" (in 1995), they recorded "why can't i play it", an all coverversions tape.  this included zappa's 'go cry on somebody else's shoulder'.


  ten center: snazzed outta yer drawers
    (1995, k7, usa, private release)
  ten center: why can't i play it
    (1995, k7, usa, private release) - incl 'go cry on somebody else's shoulder (frank zappa)
  various artists: where's my waitress (the return of the son of) - a home-taper tribute to frank zappa
    (2007, cdr, usa, private release) - incl. various artists covering frank zappa


the others of invention



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