Tetzepi is a Dutch big band / free jazz collective and they play funky, modern, yet angular jazz.



Picture credits: Hein de Graaf en Alice Pereboom



  tetzepi: ta tenen
    (1999, cd, nl, trytone tt559-004)

  tetzepi: shu
    (2001, cd, nl, trytone tt559-009)

  tetzepi: crush
    (2005, cd, nl, trytone tt559-033)

  tetzepi: seed
    (2009, cd, nl, trytone tt559-043) - incl.'grow with the flow' (corrie van binsbergen)

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random notes

Picture credit: Hein de Graaf
Picture credits: Hein de Graaf en Alice Pereboom


2008 01

Tetzepi will be sharing the bill with Flat Earth Society at the LOW festival in Budapest in about a month !

2008/02/17 Tetzepi  //  Flat Earth Society - concert "Low Festival", Budapest, Hungary



more info soon...

2008 05 02

The Tetzepi Bigtet in May

3 mei: SJUjazzpodium, Utrecht
14 mei: Zaal 100, Amsterdam
22 mei: Theater Provadja, Alkmaar


Tetzepi plays ‘Seed’
‘Guided, collective improvisations that change into thriving individual solos on intriguing grooves and vise versa, Tetzepi’s music resembles the unrestfulness of the big city. Amsterdam’s most avant-garde ensemble switches seamless between a juicy Big Band and a loose free jazz-ensemble. The ensemble always takes it own unique way. A surprise to hear it, a feast to watch it.’

In 2008 Tetzepi plays the program ‘Seed’. The (musical) Seeds are made by Canadian composer John Korsrud and are inspirational material for composers Corrie van Binsbergen (Ned), Fabrizio Puglisi (It), Marco C de Bruin (Ned), Jorrit Dijkstra (VS/Ned) and Hans Leeuw (Ned). There are also new compositions by Esmée Olthuis, Oene van Geel and Natalio Sued.

Tetzepi Zaal 100 evening.
The evening in Zaal 100 is also a first in a series. Tetzepi wants to develop her own artistic language not only by means of compositions and a good choice of composers but also by developing an artistic language through improvisation and experimentation. Rehearsals are not only spent on collective get togethers but also on small groups working out improvisation and electronic plans. Tonight a first impression of these experimentations. Of course you will hear Tetzepi in its normal complete formation but you will also hear some smaller groups from within the band on stage. The result? You will have an exciting musical evening for sure.
Tetzepi will repeat this format once every three months.

2008/05/03 Tetzepi - concert "SJUjazzpodium", Utrecht, NL

2008/05/14 Tetzepi - concert 'Zaal 100', Amsterdam, NL

2008/05/22 Tetzepi - concert 'Theater Provadja', Alkmaar, NL



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