various artists

unmatched - come dance with me
    – feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

2016 cdr spain hall of fame records hof


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  1. hijosdecortés: dancin' fool
  2. juares cuadrilla: cheepnis
  3. zappones: love of my life
  4. juan zarppa's experience: tell me you love me  
  5. frangos: bamboozeld by love
  6. nigga bigga funk: pygmy twylyte
  7. ozcar mccuenca: pygmy twylyte
  8. andrés mastrangelo: easy meat
  9. siniestro total: catholic girls
  10. zappones: bobby brown
  11. luis ruiz' nig biz: carolina hardcore ecstasy
  12. juan zarppa's experience: the torture never stops