various artists

    - incl. white beans performing various frank zappa compositions

2009 book + 2cd the netherlands private release


[1]  1999/04/04 concert "maurits music event", nieuwe niedorp, nl
[2]  2001/10/13 concert "proms of heiloo", nl
[3]  2003/12/14 concert ' 't fortuin', wervershoof, nl

disc one

  1. white beans: please don't let me be misunderstood
  2. de toekomst: when i'm sixty four
  3. de toekomst: can't buy me love
  4. white beans: nobody knows when you're down and out
  5. white beans: don't want you no more / it's not my cross to bear
  6. white beans: more trouble every day  (frank zappa)  [1] - previously released on "southern rock"
  7. white beans: better by you, better than me
  8. white beans plays zappa : bobby brown  (frank zappa)  [3] - previously unreleased
  9. white beans plays zappa : the torture never stops  (frank zappa)  [3] - previously unreleased
  10. booze & blues band: stormy monday
  11. booze & blues band: did somebody wrong
  12. booze & blues band: big boat
  13. bates motel II: it should have been me
  14. bates motel II: don't get around much anymore
  15. bates motel II: i love the life, i live the life i love

disc two

  1. booze & blues band: can't hold on
  2. booze & blues band: mood for love
  3. booze & blues band: window of my eyes
  4. booze & blues band: next time you see me
  5. booze & blues band: movin' on
  6. backstreet: backstreet
  7. white beans: spanish moon / skin it back
  8. white beans plays zappa : i have been in you / cosmic debris  [2] - previously released on "a token of our extreme"
  9. white beans plays zappa : road ladies  [3] - previously unreleased
  10. wicked world: behind the walls of sleep
  11. wicked world: sweet lear
  12. zijper big band: city to city
  13. bates motel II: three o'clock blues
  14. get together: o happy day
  15. dirk van der pijl met 35  jaar publiek: asjeblieft!
  16. darkness: manic depression
  17. darkness: heartbreaker