white beans

Dutch band White Beans has released various cdr albums. One of these is an all-Zappa album called "A Token Of Our Extreme". Their "Southern Rock" album includes Frank Zappa's 'More Trouble Every Day'.
The "Krachtvoer" tribute to Dirk van der Pijl includes another set of Frank Zappa compositions.




  white beans: southern rock
    (??, cdr, nl, private release) - incl. 'more trouble every day' (frank zappa)

  white beans: a token of our extreme
    (??, cdr, nl, private release) - all zappa compositions

various artists: krachtvoer
    (2009, book + 2cd's, nl, private release) - incl. white beans performing various frank zappa compositions

krachtvoer_book.jpg (21025 bytes)



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