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mr. moonjune recommends : volume 2: letting go
    - incl. the wrong object: filthy habits (frank zappa)

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  1. asaf sirkis: letting go (from "letting go")
  2. alex machacek, jeff sipe, matt garrison: there is a new sheriff in town (from "improvision")
  3. mark wingfield & rene von grunig: the raw (from "cinema obscura")
  4. the avengers (beledo, adam holzman, lincoln goines, kim plainfield): after all (from "on a mission")
  5. apostolis anthimos: new century (from "back to the north")
  6. john sund acoustic sense: absorption (from "absorption")
  7. dialeto: enigma 5 (from "chromatic freedom")
  8. uzva: arabian ran-ta (from "uoma")
  9. michel sajrawy: tojann (from "arabop")
  10. ecstasy project trio: realium 2 (from "realium")
  11. nicolas meier group: from istanbul (from "from istanbul to ceuta with smile")
  12. john sund & ayi solomon: akutek (from "duometric events")
  13. evil giraffes on mars: black tongue (from "cydonia")
  14. sing sing penelope: farewell dutch herring (from "we remember krzeselko")
  15. dominique vantomme root: money money money (from "root")
  16. sean wayland: ditty (featuring keith carlock, mark shim, jeff hanley & nate wood) (from "click track jazz: slave to the machine, vol. 1")
  17. luz de riada: comparsa de cronópios (from "cuentos y fabulas")
  18. matto molto: erlik (from "matto molto ep.")
  19. tassos spiliotopoulos: the quest (from "archipelagos")
  20. mark wingfield with rené von grünig: escape strategy (from "guitar encryptions")
  21. michel sajrawy: bride of the galilee (from "writings on the wall")
  22. nicolas meier trio+: reflections (from "kismet")
  23. the wrong object: filthy habits (frank zappa)  (from "platform one")
  24. ernesto holman etnojazz trio: yeyipun (from "reversiones")
  25. mark wingfield, jane chapman, iain ballamy: kites (from "three windows")