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cucamonga years the early works of frank zappa
- presenting early zappa productions

1991 cd jpn msi 10037
  1. the penguins: memories of el monte   (frank zappa, ray collins)
  2. baby ray & the ferns: how's your bird (frank zappa)
  3. baby ray & the ferns: the world's greatest sinner (frank zappa)
  4. bob guy: dear jeepers (frank zappa)
  5. bob guy: letter from jeepers (frank zappa)
  6. the hollywood persuaders: grunion run (frank zappa)
  7. the hollywood persuaders: tijuana surf  (paul buff)
  8. mr.clean: mr.clean (frank zappa)
  9. mr.clean: jessie lee (frank zappa)
  10. the rotations: heavies  (dave aerni, paul buff)
  11. the rotations: the cruncher  (dave aerni, paul buff)
  12. the heartbreakers: everytime is see you  (frank zappa, ray collins)
  13. the heartbreakers: cradle rock (galleges)