various artists

on broadway - covers of invention

2013 cd uk cordelia records

compiled by andrew greenaway

  1. buzzo, featuring mark duffield: the closer you are  (earl lewis & morgan "bobby" robinson)

  2. the todd grubbs group: bartok rat  (béla bartók)

  3. frazknapp fusion project 2012, featuring carlo bowry : hard sunshine  (jack bruce, pete brown & eric clapton)

  4. doubt: purple haze  (jimi hendrix)

  5. spanner jazz punks: i am the walrus  (john lennon & paul mccartney)

  6. the vegetarians: norwegian jim  (john lennon, paul mccartney & frank zappa)

  7. amaretto mick zeuner & eikë hägen: stairway to heaven  (jimmy page & robert plant)

  8. alan jenkins: i left my heart in san francisco  (george cory & douglass cross)

  9. chato segerer & lukas kollroß: stolen moments  (oliver nelson & frank zappa)

  10. ozcar mccuenca, featuring caballero reynaldo: murder by numbers (mata por orden)  (sting & andy summers)

  11. the intergalactic dootchestra: bonanzafather  (nino rota, ray evans & jay livingstone) -  including the godfather part II and bonanza theme, a.o.

  12. low budget research kitchen: the ring of fire secret chord progression  (igor stravinsky, merle kilgore, june carter & maurice ravel) - a mash-up of stravinsky's l'histoire du soldat, cash's ring of fire and ravel's bolero

  13. j21: inca love  (jack bruce, pete brown, eric clapton & frank zappa)

  14. the sp digital hell ensemble: twelve scenes from a concerto (as viewed through a meat grinder) - freely based on the allegretto from béla bartók's 3rd piano concerto; deconstructed, arranged, produced, conducted, edited, mixed & further mutilated by martin herraiz

  15. acid queen: dragonmaster  (frank zappa & dweezil zappa)