various artists

pyre - a cold spring sampler
    = sampler, including sun ra / merzbow: 'granular jazz part 4'

2016 cd uk cold spring records csr207cd

= sampler


  1. troum: outer brain outsourcing
  2. khost godflesh: inversion
  3. la breiche: le mal des ardénts
  4. skullflower: furfur
  5. penny rimbaud's l'acamémie des vanités: what did you know, what did you care?
  6. tunnels of ah: puring process
  7. sutcliffe jugend: howl
  8. tenhornedbeast: all fled
  9. sun ra / merzbow: granular jazz part 4
  10. she spread sorrow: crushed on the pillow
  11. oil: fire of the mind
  12. common eider, king eider: a wisp of smoke, and salem burns
  13. trepaneringsritualen: all hail the black flame
  14. henrik nordvarger björkk / martgaux renaudin: sunyata
  15. dave ball / jon savage: dead neon