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2014 cd uk cordelia cd058


zappa early renaissance orchestra
  kevin croby: acoustic bass guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, digital widgets * rupert kettle: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, dobro, lap-steel, ukulele
the vegetarians
  marc mollan: vocals * hans annellsson: everything else
jerry outaw & friends
  jerry outlaw: guitars * alex pasut: bass guitar * bill ehrsam: drums * rick olson: keyboards * david pate: saxophone
the todd grubbs group
  j.todd plant: vocals * todd grubbs: guitar * daniel swartwood: keyboards * alan tatum: bass * jeff henry: drums
evil dick
  richard hemmings: electroacoustic manipulations
  peter brunelli: everything
marc atkinson
  marc atkinson: drums * arthur barrow: bass * ed mann: percussion
lex bronkowitz orchestra
  lex bronkowitz: guitar, rhodes, bass, banjo, programming, arrangement
gumbo variation
  james burns: guitar * ollie snell: guitar * robin breeze: bass * joe burns: drums
chato segerer
  chato segerer: vocals, guitars, bass, synth, keyboard strings, arrangement * sebastian berg: drums
neither beasts, nor gods
  j21: guitar, keyboards, programming * marc curcio: bass, guitar
spanner jazz punks
  adam bickerton: bass, vocals * paul chousmer: keyboards, mixing * dan spanner: vocals, guitar, ukulele, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute * helen tate: vocals, violin, ukulele * mike wade: vocals
  battatutti: drums, imaginary silence * zap mcinnes: vocals * zomby woof: guitars, midi programming (sax, marimba) * bongo fury: other stuff, some imaginary notes * ke: violin * indian joe p: bass


  1. zappa early renaissance orchestra :  variant #1

  2. the vegetarians :  falling in love is a stupid habit

  3. jerry outaw & friends : bognor regis

  4. the todd grubbs group feat j todd plant and daniel swartwood : ralph stuffs his shoes

  5. evil dick : mice

  6. fuchsprellen : portuguese lunar landing

  7. marc atkinson : mo's vacation

  8. lex bronkowitz orchestra : clowns on velvet

  9. gumbo variation : little dots

  10. chato segerer : rollo

  11. neither beasts, nor gods : brutality

  12. spanner jazz punks : velvet sunrise

  13. zappatika : we are not alone


"Rare Episodes"

Frank Zappa's unmined nuggets

New recordings of compositions he didn't get round to recording himself.

A CD conceived by Andrew Greenaway of The Idiot Bastard website and author of "Zappa the Hard Way" (the definitive account of Frank's last tour). The idea was that some of the world's foremost Zappa-influenced bands would record thirteen Zappa compositions that he either didn't record, didn't release or, if he did, he changed them quite a lot first.

These are the tracks:

1. VARIANT #1 by Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra

One of a number of pieces Frank wrote "must record" - see The MOFO Project/Object booklet - and then actually did: at TTG Studios in Hollywood on 10 June 1966, during sessions for the Burt Ward single Boy Wonder I Love You.


A song Frank denied knowing, yet a tape exists of him demonstrating it to drummer Jimmy Carl Black. Jimmy told The Idiot Bastard that Frank said he "could have the song and we even discussed the instruments that would sound good on it. It was Frank playing the piano in his studio with Andy Cahan and me there. The year was 1981 and I was in California rehearsing for the first Grandmothers tour of Europe."

3.  BOGNOR REGIS by Jerry Outlaw & Friends

An instrumental originally recorded during the Hot Rats sessions in 1969, and intended to be released as the b-side of a single version of 'Sharleena' that never happened.

4.  RALPH STUFFS HIS SHOES by Todd Grubbs Group feat J Todd Plant and Daniel Swartwood

In September 1974, shortly before it became 'Can't Afford No Shoes' on One Size Fits All, Frank's lyrics poked fun at drummer Ralph Humphrey.

5.  MICE by Evil Dick

According to Frank, the first thing he ever composed: "a piece for snare drum...I wrote that when I was about 14 and performed it at school."


Performed live during the 1975 Bongo Fury tour, and rehearsed by the 1981 band, but like all of these songs, not officially released thus far.

7.  MO'S VACATION by Marc Atkinson

An early version of 'Mo 'N Herb's Vacation' in a basic arrangement, described by drummer Terry Bozzio as "like 'The Black Page', but more of it!" Performed live with Vinnie Colaiuta and Arthur Barrow in 1978, Chad Wackerman told The Idiot Bastard he also "did a studio recording for Frank."

8.  CLOWNS ON VELVET by Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra

First performed at New York's Ritz Theatre in November 1981, with special guest Al DiMeola on lead guitar. Frank then added studio overdubs to a fragment of this live recording and had the Thing-Fish rap over it.

9.  LITTLE DOTS by Gumbo Variation

An instrumental similar to 'Approximate', only ever performed live by the Petit Wazoo in 1972.

10. ROLLO by Chato Segerer

Officially released in instrumental form only on the albums Imaginary Diseases, Apostrophe, QuAUDIOPHILIAc and You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1. In 1972, the piece has the lyrics presented here. (This version also appends the rare 'Village Of The Sun' intro/outro that appeared on the recent Road Tapes, Venue #2 release.)

11. BRUTALITY by Neither Beasts, Nor Gods

A Synclavier composition from a cassette titled Resolver + Brutality that Frank handed to someone he'd had an 'intensive artistic relationship' with for several years.

12. VELVET SUNRISE by Spanner Jazz Punks

Another piece performed live during the 1975 Bongo Fury tour, providing Frank with an opportunity to tell various tales about life on the road.


The instrumental track on The Man From Utopia album had these lyrics when rehearsed by the 1981 band.