various artists

sonic scenery - music for collections
    - feat. the sun ra arkestra

2006 cd usa natural history museum of los angels county nhm cd-001


1, 12, 13 recorded at the natural history museum of los angeles


  1. the sun ra arkestra: untitled
  2. nels cline: dinosaur hall
  3. autolux: tears for an inhaler (extended mix)
  4. languis: mending spear, part II
  5. stephen hartke: percolative processes
  6. jon hassell: wilderness psalms
  7. david j: stars and eyes
  8. matmos: 17 species of north american mammals
  9. nobody and mystic chords of memory: blue dissolve
  10. ozomatili: tickle me!
  11. languis: mending spear, part I
  12. the sun ra arkestra: mayan temples
  13. the sun ra arkestra: space chord