various artists

weasels re-ripped
    - feat. various artists performing the music of frank zappa- feat. various artists performing the music of frank zappa- feat. various artists performing the music of frank zappa

2015 cd uk cordelia records cd062


  1. spanner jazz punks: didja get any onya?

  2. spanner jazz punks: directly from my heart to you by 
    adam bickerton: bass * bobby demers: drum kit * helen tate: violin and vocals * dan spanner: all other instruments

  3. inventionis mater: prelude to the afternoon of a sexually aroused gas mask
    pierpaolo romani: clarninet * andrea pennati: guitar * tommy bianchi: voice * andrea pellegrini: voice

  4. gumbo variation: toads of the short forest

  5. jerry outlaw & friends featuring todd grubbs: get a little
    todd grubbs: lead guitars * jerry outlaw: lead and rhythm guitars * alex pasut: bass guitar * bill ehrsam: drums

  6. evil dick: the eric dolphy memorial barbecue

  7. fuchsprellen: dwarf nebula processional march & dwarf nebula
    annemarieke eriksson schoonderwaldt: violins and vocals * ivan leirvik: guitars * steve chillemi: vibraphone, bass clarinet and vocals * pete brunelli: lots of other stuff including bass and special noises

  8. the muffin men: my guitar wants to kill your mama
    rhino, jumpy, waco, mikey and roddie

  9. zappatistas: oh no!
    john etheridge: guitar * steve lodder: piano * simon bates: tenor saxophone * shanti jayasinha: trumpet * annie whitehead: trombone * rob statham: bass * mike bradley: drums

  10. zappa early renaissance orchestra: the orange county lumber truck
    juliana brandon: vocals * rupert kettle: electric guitar, slide guitar * prairie prince: drums * kevin crosby: electric bass, ukulele, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, arrangement and sequencing

  11. zappatika: weasels ripped my flesh