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zappanale no.9
    - all frank zappa compositions

2000 cd ger arf society / billepalast lc 10207
      ltd edition of 500 copies



recorded 1998/08/06, 07 & 08 at the zappanale festival in germany

cruisin' for burgers
dancin' foolz
ossi duri
fast 'n bulbous

produced by rimbert schickling & hugo möller

  1. jos schoone: intro
  2. cruisin' for burgers: 'enema intro' (frank zappa)
  3. cruisin' for burgers: 'baby snakes' (frank zappa)
  4. cruisin' for burgers: 'catholic girls' (frank zappa)
  5. cruisin' for burgers: 'crew slut' (frank zappa)
  6. cruisin' for burgers: 'plastic people' (frank zappa)
  7. cruisin' for burgers: 'tell me you love me' (frank zappa)
  8. dancin' foolz: 'ms pinky' (frank zappa)
  9. dancin' foolz: 'dancin' fool' (frank zappa)
  10. dancin' foolz: 'elvis has just left the building' (frank zappa)
  11. ossi duri: 'we are not alone' (frank zappa)
  12. ossi duri: 'the black page drum solo no.1 / sofa' (frank zappa)
  13. ossi duri: 'watermelon in easter hay' (frank zappa)
  14. ossi duri: 'muffin man' (frank zappa)
  15. fast 'n bulbous: 'medley: big leg emma / you didn't try to call me / the idiot bastard son' (frank zappa)
  16. fast 'n bulbous: 'medley: plastic people / dog breath' (frank zappa)
  17. fast 'n bulbous: 'sharleena' (frank zappa)
  18. camarilli: 'cosmic debris' (frank zappa)
  19. camarilli: 'lonesome cowboy burt' (frank zappa)
  20. camarilli: 'dirty love' (frank zappa)