various artists

zappanale #18
    – incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions, incl. one van vliet composition

2008 2cd ger arf society

bonus disc for the zappanale 19 festival

recorded at the zappanale festival, 2007/08
bad doberan, germany

feat. napoleon murphy brock as special guest

compiled by john e. campbell and andrew greenaway


  1. larry 'wild man' fischer: "i'm famous in germany..."  (fischer)

  2. don preston's akashic ensemble: ccc (central community crisis)  (chomondeley, jiosne, preston)

  3. monty & the butchers: any downers  (zappa)

  4. christophe godin and mörglbl: février afghan (godin)

  5. i virtuosi dal pianeta talento: andy  (zappa)

  6. project/object: big swifty   (zappa)

  7. trigon: zeitgeist related accidents  (trigon)

  8. kimono draggin': let's get bizet  (nolan, swirski, hatton)

  9. octafish: nothing  (willers)

  10. sex without nails bros.: uncle remus  (zappa)

  11. polytoxicomane philharmonie: flight 858  (polytoxicomane philharmonie)

  12. the great googly moogly: fifty-fifty  (zappa)

  13. jazzprojekt hundehagen: black napkins  (zappa)

  14. harmonia ensemble: king kong  (zappa)

  15. various artists (finale): eat that question  (zappa)