the album cover
the vinyl

the white stripes

rare a-sides / rare b-sides
     - incl. various van vliet compositions

2007 lp-bootleg ?? ??

limited and numbered edition of 350 copies, on red vinyl

jack white
meg white

side one (rare a-sides)

  1. hand springs

  2. red death at 6.14

  3. top special

  4. let's shake hands

  5. lafayette blues

  6. party of special things to do  (don van vliet)

  7. lord send me an angle

  8. candy cane children

side two (rare b-sides)

  1. look me over closely

  2. red bowling ball ruth

  3. jolene

  4. china pig  (don van vliet)

  5. ashtray heart  (don van vliet)

  6. you're pretty good looking

  7. st.ides of march

  8. read of the story of magic / silent night